Saphrone’s flaming orange dress drooped past her ankles and dragged on the dolomite floor. Making her way to the stairs, she took in the beauty of the palace she inherited over 50 years ago. The agates glistened in the distance and the waterfall just beyond the palace entrance chattered as strong

“You boys ready?” Madrid cleared her throat in the background. Rio glanced her direction. “I mean, people. You people ready?” “Why can’t you get used to that?” Madrid asked, still buckled in. Rio shrugged. “Habit, I guess.” Dakota jumped in. “Give him a break, there’s a lot goi

She was consumed by something, that much she knew, but what it was or why it was happening, she didn’t have an answer. Her life was an abysmal chase of an unforeseen object, something she could picture but couldn’t understand. She had seen similar things in the movies, on the open road, looking

“Hey Marty, how’s it going?” Clark waltzed through the front door like he had every weekend for the past decade. It was a brief walk across the manicured grass from his house, and it had become their new tradition. “Hey Clark.” Marty, donning his sweatpants and hoodie, shuffled to half-hea

“It’s just up ahead.” “Are you sure?” Jax stopped and turned to his friend. “You don’t trust me?” “You know I trust you, it’s just…” Beans faded and stared at the ground. “Just what?” “I just think… I think we’ve already been that way.” “The jungle gets pretty c

Day 1 The trees grew thick; thicker than I had ever encountered. My machete dulled with each swing, tearing through enormous branches and clunking against trunks the size of my midsection. With crew in tow, I blazed a trail among the unchartered land.  We had started just north of the bay; our